All Things Chromebook!

Cleaning/Sanitizing Chromebooks

For the 7th and 8th grade students who take home their computers the recommended method of cleaning the surfaces and screen are as follows.
Lysol wipes are the preferred choice for the keyboard and screen.  They may leave a "haze" on the screens so you can buff the haze off with a clean microfiber cloth if necessary.  If the Lysol wipe is extremely wet, wring it out slightly before using.  Other wipes can be used, however DO NOT use any cleaners that contain bleach and DO NOT spray any cleaners directly on the keyboard or screen.

The Chromebooks that are not part of the take home program will be cleaned frequently by staff and/or students.

Chromebook News

Our Chrome Book Initiative is in full swing. Each child in Grades 3-8 has received a District Issued computer. Grades 7 & 8 are taking them home.  The other grades will be using them in school. Insurance is $19.50 for grades 3-6 and $25 for grades 7 & 8. This cost is a one-time cost for the year. You will also be required to purchase a case for the computer through your "Pay-for-It" account for $15.  The "Pay-for-It" application is where you would purchase school lunches. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU DO NOT CURRENTLY HAVE A "Pay-for-It" ACCOUNT YOU WILL NEED TO CREATE ONE. You will need your student's Local ID number which was sent home with their Agenda Books and is also available on the OnCourse Connect Parent Portal.  


New students to the District must purchase the case and insurance as soon as possible since they are used throughout the school day for their work.

Before your child/children can receive their Chromebook there are several things that you need to do.  The steps and links are below.

STEP 1 -- Review Chromebook Policies:
Visit the "
Little Ferry Chromebooks" site and use the link for "District Policies & Procedures" where you should r
ead the "Chromebook Policy Handbook" and related references.

STEP 2 -- Purchase Insurance: Purchase Chromebook Insurance by paying the fee of $19.50 or $25.00 to the Registrar using a check or Money Order (this will be a yearly renewal).

Step 3 -- Purchase Case: 
Purchase a Chromebook Case using the "Pay-for-It" website (cases will be used for multiple years).  The Chromebook case will be listed under the "FEES" tab.  YOU WILL NEED TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT IF YOU DO NOT ALREADY HAVE ONE. YOUR STUDENT'S LOCAL ID NUMBER IS REQUIRED.

Step 4 -- Print, Sign, and Return Chromebook Linkage Agreement:
Once you have completed the previous steps you will print, sign and return the "
Chromebook Policy & Linkage Agreement" to your child's homeroom teacher or the Main School Office in the Memorial or Washington Elementary buildings.

The most current information on the Chromebook roll-out can always be found on the Little Ferry Chromebook site.

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